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The Vehicle Fleet

In the earlier days, when the Ledbury Railway Station Ticket Office operated under a Travel Agency Agreement, a ticket delivery service existed and these deliveries were usually made by one of the two character green and black vehicles of the Ledbury Station Vehicle Fleet.

Horace the Morris

Horace the Morris is a 1954 Morris Commercial J-Type Van and was bought in 1982 as an MOT failure from a local strawberry farm . Restoration was a struggle. The plan of a rolling rebuild worked well initially and included trips to Cornwall, Somerset and London but serious side panel corosion had to be tackled. Sadly this had Horace off the road for a while. However all the hard work eventually paid off and in May 1991 we were mobile again. Sporting the green and black Ledbury Railway Station livery and with a face on the spare radiator grill, Horace the Morris is unquestionably a vehicle in which one gets noticed!



Connie is a 1969 Morris Minor, purchased in 1983. I have always liked Morris 1000's and owned one during student days in Aberystwyth. You can perform work without massive technical skill and complete with starting handle they rarely let you down. Connie was bought with an eye towards conversion to a convertible and thereby acquiring the rather contorted name of Connie the Vertable. Time, needless to say, rolled on, as did corosion. 1996 was make or break year. The scrapyard or an enormous amount of work once again loomed. The plunge was taken, the kit purchased, the top cut off and a blue, rusty, Morris Minor became a green and black, Ledbury Station convertible.

Horace heads North - Ledbury Station on Tour
Horace heads South - Ledbury Station on Tour

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