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A Photographic Tour of Ledbury Railway Station

Platform Vista

Looking eastwards towards Ledbury Tunnel. The Ticket Office, on the "down" platform, is to the right. The Signal Box can be seen just under the footbridge. The "porthole" cut into the lower panels of the footbridge enables the signalman to see the signal in the Hereford direction.

The Rear of the Ticket Office

View from the car park on a sunny day showing Connie with her hood down. The phone box is occupied and has an interesting story to tell. The lack of a public telephone at Ledbury Station was a problem. BT considered the location uneconomic but Ledbury Town Council, with some very positive action, sorted the problem. They guaranteed the line rental and paid for the installation of a telephone line into a kiosk kindly donated by a councillor. Interestingly, the phone then made a profit and BT later offered to look after it.

The Front of the Ticket Office

The front view of the Staion Building taken from the "up" platform. The Ledbury sign attatched to the valance is described in more detail in the link below.

Inside the Ticket Office

Looking in through the door. The owl and the pussy cat keep an eye on the inside, as do three parrots. The largest can double as a station announcer when light relief is needed in times of service disruption.

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